Testing and Analysis

Many of the analytical problems that arise during manufacturing are highly complex and associated with issues such as product development (specification and quality), patent challenges, regulatory approval, complaints and product functionality. Understanding the physical chemistry and material properties involved is often key to solving technical problems. Also, precise compositional analysis is imperative to make sure your products conform to the rapidly changing legislation currently governing product manufacture.

A number of Acumentia consultants are professional analysts and have their own laboratories or have access to a number of well-equipped academic and commercial facilities for the measurement of important physical characteristics at each stage of the manufacturing process. Examples of available techniques include spectroscopy for structural analysis, physical methods for textural evaluation, wet methods for elemental and trace component determination and chromatography for mixtures.

Sensory evaluation and consumer product testing also form an integral part of the manufacture of nutritional products and Acumentia’s consultants possess a wealth of experience in the use of sensory evaluation for research and new product development, tailored marketing solutions and stringent quality control procedures.