Membership Policy


Membership is by election and members are bound by a Code of Conduct to ensure the highest standards of professional performance (see below).

Members maintain continuous close liaison mainly through a monthly newsletter and meet regularly as a group to improve collaboration and share expertise.

To develop teamwork and networking skills, members participate in interdisciplinary ‘white-paper’ projects and exercises.

Acumentia members are selected on the basis of integrity, professional competence and experience, using a peer-review process by existing members.

Members undertake to:

  • Deliver appropriate, timely and cost-effective service to our clients, working throughout with credibility and integrity
  • Conduct ourselves in such a way as to reflect credit upon our clients, our group, the consulting profession and our professional associations and societies
  • Respect any confidence gained in our professional capacity
  • Recognise our responsibility to maintain and enhance our professional competence by continuously updating and improving our knowledge and proficiency
  • Deal promptly, fairly and effectively with any conflicts of interest that arise or that are foreseen
  • Deal promptly and fairly with any complaint
  • Avoid unwarranted statements that reflect upon the character or integrity of other members of the profession or the group
  • Carry appropriate insurance for our business activities
  • Deal fairly with fellow members and their clients
  • Be familiar with other members’ activities and areas of expertise to enable the most effective referrals and formation of teams for larger projects
  • Maintain up-to-date business information on our group website
  • Promote the name Acumentia by means of our own websites, business cards, promotional literature and verbal dealings with clients.