Developments in understanding the human microbiome

This meeting, organised by Acumentia and Vital Six, was held in October 2016 at the Science & Technology Centre, University of Reading.

Keynote Speakers were Professor Glenn Gibson, University of Reading: Glenn researches acute and chronic gut disease, novel prebiotics, human metabolomics. Specific projects on pro/prebiotics, the molecular genotyping of gut bacteria, H2S production, gastroenteritis in sportspersons, metabolic syndrome, IBS, IBD, gut flora development with age and colonic homeostasis are being carried out.

Dr Nathalie Juge, Institute of Food Resarch: Nathalie’s research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning gut bacteria-mucus interaction. Her research group employs a combination of genomic, molecular and biochemical techniques to investigate the mechanisms by which microbiota bacteria recognize and degrade the complex host glycans.