The Acumentia Network

Lindsey Bagley

Formulation and manufacture of foods

Dave Baines

Food flavourings

David Brown

Food quality compliance and risk management

Melanie Brown

Environmental and sustainability issues

Andrea Cattaruzza

Food ingredients and processes

Duncan Crawford

Chemistry, biological sciences and marketing

Craig Duckham

Ingredients delivery and evaluation

Kaarin Goodburn

Chilled prepared foods and ingredients

Jennifer Guild

Regulatory affairs, product development

Chris Lawson

Carbohydrate chemistry and functionality

Geoff Livesey

Nutrition and health

Ben Marandi

Regulatory affairs, product development

Elinor McCartney

EU regulatory affairs, product development

Mary O’Callaghan

Regulatory affairs, food Ingredients

John Points

Food safety and analysis

Peter Reilly

Food product development

Alastair Sansome-Smith

Business support in food and beverages

Hector Velasquez

Business development