Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry lies at the heart of the modern pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical manufacturing industries. Steady advances in the development of modern synthetic methods have allowed us to synthesise compounds with greater molecular complexity that simply wouldn’t have been attempted a decade ago. Similarly, the same techniques allow simpler compounds to be made but with greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Our consultants collectively hold close to a century of experience in the design, synthesis and isolation of new chemical entities, having worked in a variety of environments from University laboratories to global pharmaceutical companies. We are able to design bespoke chemical syntheses to any organic compounds of interest to our clients, and we have specialist expertise in the synthesis of carbohydrates. Acumentia’s technical consultants can produce anything from simple disaccharides to complex oligosaccharides, and also know how to isolate carbohydrates from a range of sources, including biological substances.