Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Innovation & New Product Development

Acumentia aims to continually bring new and exciting products to the medicinal, pharmaceutical and medical device market, linking seemingly disparate concepts and technologies to arrive at unique, distinctive products. We offer our professional technical consultancy services at any stage of the project, but achieve the best results when taking a hands-on approach from product conceptualisation through to commercialisation.

Clients who opt for our consultancy services benefit from our collective experience in the pharmaceutical production industries; our members don’t only have an active input at the concept level, but continue to work with your business to streamline processes and increase margins wherever possible. Our consultants undertake projects crossing over traditional boundaries and provide innovative solutions where industrial sectors overlap, such as drug delivery services (pharma-medical devices)) and controlled release products (pharma-food).

We all have an in-depth understanding of the regulations that govern the current international pharmaceutical market, so you can rest assured that your products are fully conversant with the latest legislation.

Acumentia has two product development laboratories based in Maidenhead and Reading. This allows products under development to be placed under a continual cycle of scrutiny and reassessment, ensuring their quality and consistency. Once the initial design phase is completed, we’re also fully capable of providing comprehensive marketing solutions based on thorough consumer research, including sensory evaluation.

The combined experience of Acumentia’s technical consultants includes working with ingredients like acids, carbohydrates, preservatives and polymers in areas such as drug development, medical device and API manufacture.


Chris Lawson
(Carbohydrate Chemistry)

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Ian Smith
(Physical Properties and Colloid Science)

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Peter Reilly
(Food Ingredients Marketing & NPD)

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Lindsey Bagley
(Functional Foods)

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