Food & Drink - Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation techniques examine the sensory response to the physical properties of consumer goods and consumer reaction to these sensory attributes. Sensory evaluation and consumer product testing should form an integral part of the manufacture of nutritional products, fragrances and more.

Acumentia’s technical consultants possess a wealth of experience in the use of sensory evaluation for the purposes of research and new product development, tailored marketing solutions and stringent quality control procedures. The range of sensory evaluation techniques we employ incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection; we specialise in discrimination testing and sensory profiling complimented by consumer acceptance interviews, discussion groups and diagnostic testing.

Sensory analysis is particularly effective when used in conjunction with analytical chemistry; our technical consultants combine gas chromatography with mass spectrometry and olfactometry, which allows them to determine the chemical makeup of a particular odour profile or trace off-flavours and taints to their root causes.

Typical applications of sensory and consumer science includes:

  • Matching and/or optimising sensory profiles
  • Developing product specifications and quality assurance methods
  • Selection, training and monitoring of expert sensory assessors
  • Calibration of analytical techniques
  • Development and testing product concepts
  • Taste segmentation and preference mapping to find key sensory drivers for a category

As a technical consultancy service we pride ourselves on client satisfaction, which is why all of our sensory evaluation services are directly tailored to the customer’s requirements, taking into account sector, budget and project type.