Food & Drink - Nutrition & Health

Acumentia’s technical consultants don’t just strive to understand the processes and technologies that go into the manufacture of food and drink products, but also relate developments to consumer preferences. This ensures an invaluable insight into consumer experience that can be used to benefit your brand’s future products and subsequent marketing strategies.

We design nutritionally beneficial, great tasting products that can be manufactured efficiently through the combination of sound ingredient knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process. Thus, we are well placed to advise on the creation of healthier food formulations, including all types of dietary food products such as low fat and reduced sugar items, or even fortified food forms.

We also have wide-ranging expertise in marine biotechnology, including the identification and extraction of ingredients that come from the sea, such as omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Our internationally reputable knowledge also covers the area of gut health, an area of food manufacture that is particularly noted for a high rate of health claims. We an exhaustive knowledge of probiotics for humans, and how they might be used as ingredients in a range of products; we have also previously dealt with the EFSA, and understand the regulations and laws involved in doing so.

Our unrivalled level of experience extends to cover the production of functional foods, including the creation of products designed to improve quality of life; this encompasses everything from nutritionally modified foods for the general consumer to highly specific formulations for clinical conditions.