Food & Drink - Intellectual Property

Securing the correct intellectual property rights for your product is integral to ensuring its continued market value, and therefore financial success. Intellectual property (often referred to as IP) is a legal term covering the ownership of ideas, concepts or designs. By making sure that you’re properly accredited with the appropriate intellectual property, you make it harder for other brands to imitate your product and thus dilute its market value. IP covers everything from trade secrets to trademarks and patents, which is why it’s particularly important in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry.

Investing in IP, however, can be a costly and time-consuming process, which is why it’s best to outsource it to a fully qualified consultancy service. At Acumentia, our consultants understand the financial intricacies of intellectual property through practical experience, and can therefore advise on where best to invest your IP budget, and what ideas or products are most worthy of legal protection. Clients can also make use of our extensive list of contacts in the legal industry, and benefit from impartial advice as to which is best suited to their specific organisation.