Food & Drink - Food Ingredients & Functional Foods

The technical consultants at Acumentia collectively possess a wealth of experience in ingredient identification, sourcing, production and extraction; we most commonly supply food manufacturing businesses with an understanding of specialty ingredients such as botanical extracts and materials with related health benefits.

We already cater to the developing international food market, and have respectively worked in a plethora of areas including bakery, beverages (both alcoholic and soft), confectionery, dairy products, meats, sweeteners, dietetic foods and many more. The Acumentia team of consultants have a ground-up understanding of the rules and regulations governing the international food industry, and will work to guide clients through them as they take their products to market.

We are happy to work with organisations of any size, at any given point of the production cycle; our consultants will advise on the compatibility of key ingredients, contribute to new product development projects and help orchestrate food concept presentations.

Each member of our team is also actively committed to pioneering functional foods both within and outside of the UK. Functional foods are so named because they conventionally contain ingredients that aid the body in its natural processes, and as such contribute to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Thus, all of our consultants are best placed to give advice on the development and sale of new functional foods coming to market, including working alongside the EFSA and assembling the appropriate clinical trials to make sure your products satisfy the correct regulatory requirements.