Food & Drink - Expert Witnesses & Food Crime Investigation

Owing to their unrivalled level of expertise and thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries, Acumentia’s technical consultants have previously been called upon to act as expert witnesses in court to provide a variety of food crime investigation services.

As they’re widely regarded as an authority in their chosen fields, an expert witness is called upon by the court to provide impartial findings on behalf of either party. Acumentia’s technical consultants’ wide-ranging areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Accidental incident and malicious product contamination investigations, including criminal HACCP and preventive measures.
  • Expert witness reports, CPR part 35 compliant, with in-court experience of civil procedures and due process.
  • ‘Forensic management systems analysis’ to identify internal criminal risk exposures.
  • Support links for a wide range of specialist forensic analysis and reporting.