Food & Drink - Business Development & Due Diligence

As directors of their own highly successful individual organisations, our consultants have both the high level of technical understanding and infallible business acumen necessary to advise on all components of business development across areas such as full-scale food production and beverage manufacture.

Our group of consultants pride themselves on being able to offer impartial advice at any stage of the process, from conceptualisation through to marketing. Our dynamic, forward thinking marketing solutions incorporate the full range of the sales spectrum, from B2B to consumer based retail. We also specialise in providing complete business appraisals, highlighting areas of your organisation in which margins can be increased and processes can be streamlined. These appraisals are also appropriate for the purposes of due diligence before an acquisition or merger.

Our network of vendors, partners and affiliates extend across the globe, so our clients benefit from our in-depth understanding of the international economy, as well as the rules and regulations that accompany it.