Food & Drink - Analytical

Members of Acumentia that specialise in product and ingredient analysis have held senior positions in the food, beverage, environmental science and pharmaceutical industries. Acumentia’s technical consultants understand that thorough analytical testing underpinned by convincing, well-presented data is integral to the successful manufacturing and marketing of all products. We offer a range of testing services that don’t only ensure your products are compliant with the latest regulations and legislation, but also provide precise data that actively feeds into their on-going redevelopment.

Many of the analytical problems that arise are highly complex and associated with issues such as product development (specification and quality), patent challenges, ICH stability trials, regulatory approval, complaints and product functionality. Also, exact compositional analysis is imperative to make sure your products conform to the rapidly changing legislation currently governing product manufacture.

Each one of our highly trained Acumentia consultants is revered within their own industry for their commitment to quality and product development. A number of the consultants are world experts in highly complex areas such as functional foods, flavours, high intensity sweeteners, polysaccharide chemistry, rheology, spectroscopy and chromatography. They are familiar with the requirements of a range of quality management systems and will work alongside clients to ensure that contracts are completed to budget and on time. The specification and selection of analytical equipment, development of new methods, preparing validation protocols and system suitability testing, all fall within the remit of our consultants.

Our experts incorporate a range of techniques including spectroscopy, chromatography and biochemistry in order to quantify the major components of your products, such as carbohydrates, fats and protein. These cutting edge testing techniques also allow us to identify trace components like flavours, preservatives, colours, vitamins and minerals, giving us a more comprehensive understanding of your product. We then use this information to provide accurate feedback with regards to factors like shelf-life, spoilage and flavour development.