Craig Duckham
Craig Duckham has over 20 years of commercial experience in developing natural products, including flavours, fragrances and pesticides. Having held senior management positions in industry, he now works as an independent consultant through CD R&D Consultancy Services. Business development, staff management and expansion/withdrawal planning all fall within his remit.

With Cara Technology Ltd, he led the team that developed a new range of sensory flavour standards for use in the food and beverage sectors. As a Director of one of the main operating subsidiaries of Micap plc, he was responsible for providing contract development services and technology licensing opportunities in the field of microencapsulation.

Craig has led a number of international cross functional R&D projects including a major technology transfer project with an Australian agrochemicals company and a development and licensing transaction with a significant European agri-food business.

He has significant experience of analysing water and materials in contact with drinking water. Whilst working as a Principal Development Scientist at Thames Water’s Water Quality Centre in Reading, he developed analytical methods for pesticides and endocrine disruptors. He also has experience of analysing volatiles, including headspace, solid sorbent trapping techniques, GC-MS and olfactometry. He advises on specification and purchasing of instrumentation, applications and method development.