Sustainable Food Production

A team of Acumentia consultants, including Dave Baines, Kaarin Goodburn, Mike Shaw, Ian Smith and Melanie Brown, undertook a desk research assignment for the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Chemical Engineers to assess sustainable food production and the implications for the chemical sciences. The report was published in 2009 by the RSC as ‘The Vital Ingredient’ (

The expertise provided by Acumentia covered the whole food supply chain, including primary production, food processing and manufacture, distribution and retail, consumer, and supply chain waste.

Food Safety

An Acumentia team consisting of Kaarin Goodburn, Dave Baines, Melanie Brown and the late Catherine Side carried out a desk research study for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2010-11 to identify and define innovative technologies in the area of food production, ingredients processing and packaging that may impact on EFSA’s work in the medium and long term. The Acumentia team was led by Kaarin Goodburn and worked in collaboration with the Institute for Food Studies and Agro-industrial Development (IFAU) in Denmark. The project required a broad understanding of food technologies across the entire food chain.

Flavour Bench Marking

Acumentia undertook a benchmarking exercise for a major player in the flavours and seasonings market in 2011. The Acumentia team, Dave Baines, Lindsey Bagley and Melanie Brown, brought expert knowledge of the flavour and seasonings market as well as market research and product evaluation expertise. The project reviewed competition and patents in the field and conducted a technology audit and SWOT analysis against key competitors.

Food Colours

Acumentia members Dave Baines, Lindsey Bagley, Hazel MacTavish and the late Catherine Side worked together on a project for Overseal Natural Ingredients to search for and evaluate potential new sources for non-declarable food colours. The Acumentia team brought knowledge of regulatory issues, natural products and formulation of food products.

Brain Health

GSK commissioned Acumentia to help identify new ingredients with potential for ‘brain health’ label claims. The Acumentia team, consisting of Dave Baines, Bernie Radford, Ian Smith, Alan Banyard, Wendy Jones, Chris Lawson, Ron Lawrence, Lindsey Bagley and the late Catherine Side worked alongside RSSL specialists Melindee Hastie & Sarah Marshall and provided a wealth of experience in functional foods, formulation of food products,etc.